How To Apply Makeup Over My Perfect Eyes

How To Apply Makeup Over My Perfect Eyes

One of the most common questions I get asked is …

“Can you apply makeup over My Perfect Eyes and if so, are there any tips to follow to achieve that flawless finish?” 

Well, the short answer is, yes you can!

My Perfect Eyes can absolutely be used with your favourite oil-free foundation but it works even better still with My Perfect Foundation. Our fuss-free, flawless finish foundation is literally a match made in makeup heaven with My Perfect Eyes.

Amazing Transformations!

I’ve been demo’ing My Perfect Eyes live on daytime TV for years now and I always love seeing your amazing transformations. That magic moment when you see the product suddenly start to work and all those wrinkles and fine lines disappear. Amazing! I never tire of seeing your results.

How To Apply My Perfect Eyes?

Applying My Perfect Eyes really is as simple as 1,2,3,4

Let me quickly re-cap the first four stages for you before I go on to discuss step 5, applying My Perfect Foundation.

  1. Give your bottle a quick little shake to activate the My Perfect Eyes formula and mix the ingredients together.
  2. Swipe a pea-sized amount onto the back of your hand with the applicator wand.
  3. Using a long and smooth sweeping motion starting from the inside corner out, apply the product wherever it is needed from the lash line, feathering down onto your cheek.
  4. Look ahead and wait for the magic to happen. We’re talking 60 seconds and you’ll start to feel that nice tightening sensation that tells you the product is working.

Applying Over Makeup

You’re ready for step 5, applying your makeup.

Below are my pro tips for applying My Perfect Eyes over makeup

  1. Apply a small amount of moisturiser, like My Perfect Day, just around the edges of where you’ve applied the product. Don’t apply directly over the top otherwise it will dissolve the product.
  2. You can use any foundation as long as it's oil free. We understand everyone has their favourite. But honestly, try out My Perfect Foundation. I designed it specially to work in conjunction with My Perfect Eyes. It features a versatile, adaptable and buildable velvety texture for a soft, matte finish.
  3. We recommend you use a brush to apply your foundation. You’re going to get a more even and flawless finish with a brush than with your fingers which can sometimes have oily residue on them. But I know some of you also like to use a sponge. Just be sure to dab, don’t drag.
  4. Evenly apply My Perfect Foundation all over your face and with the small amount of product left on your brush, gently go over the top of the product under your eyes to complete the finished look.

If you’ve not yet tried out My Perfect Foundation, give it a go. Honestly, you won’t be disappointed. It blurs lines and imperfections for a younger-looking you. And with colour adapting technology, you don’t have to worry about what shade you choose either. As I always say to my team, looking after your complexion shouldn’t be complex! Let me know how you get on. 

Don’t forget to keep checking back in with us for more top tips and secret insider tricks on how to get the very best out of the My Perfect Cosmetics range and head over to the website right now to top up on our best selling My Perfect Eyes and My Perfect Foundation and see what special offers we’re showcasing this month.

Penny Lane x