My perfect eyes Instant Under Eye Quick Fix Voted No1 Eye Wrinkle Cream by Marie Claire Online

Introducing My Perfect Eyes.

The clinically proven cosmetic quick-fix formula to instantly remove fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and compresses puffiness for up to 8 hours.

The revolutionary non-surgical cosmetic quick fix that takes years off your appearance in just a matter of minutes.
Here’s how!

How To Use My Perfect Eyes

You may find this short application tutorial useful, especially if this is the first time that you are applying My Perfect Eyes.
Follow these instructions to ensure that you get the best results every time.

How To Use My Perfect Eyes


For those of you that like to read step by step instructions, you can come back and refer to our seven easy steps below anytime you need a refresher on how to apply My Perfect Eyes

1. Thoroughly cleanse the skin around the eyes first with a water soaked cotton pad. Be careful to ensure that the eye area is free of all traces of makeup, moisturiser, cleanser and any oily residues before patting dry. For best results, we recommend cleansing your face with My Perfect Wash, our amino acid facial wash.

2. Give the bottle a firm shake to activate the formula.

3. Take the applicator wand and swipe a small amount of My Perfect Eyes directly onto the back of your hand. Remember that less is more. Just a pea-sized amount will be sufficient to transform both eyes.

4. Starting at the inside corner of your eye, sweep outwards in a long, firm and smooth motion. Unlike your regular moisturizing eye cream, don’t dab or tap the product. A sweeping motion is the most effective way to deliver the product where it is needed. You can take the product up to your lash line and feather down onto your cheek to capture all those fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Look straight ahead and avoid any facial movement for 1-2 minutes or until the eye cream is completely dry. This will ensure optimum results as the product sets, so stay still, and if you feel like speeding up the process, you can gently fan the area.

6. As the formula dries, you will feel a tightening sensation. This is completely natural and indicates that the product is working, this feeling won’t last long as the product is flexible and moves with your skin.

7. Once dried, you can apply any of your favourite oil free foundations or creams.

What’s The Science Behind My Perfect Eyes?

The science behind this breakthrough product really is quite simple, even though the effects are revolutionary.

My Perfect Eyes sits on the surface of the skin and when applied it creates an invisible and delicate veil-like structure.

As the product dries it compresses puffiness, flattening and covering over any fine lines and wrinkles. The product is light reflective, and acts as a non-color concealer which will cover dark circles.

What Are The Key Benefits Of My Perfect Eyes?

● Instantly removes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles
● Delivers impressive, immediate, long lasting results for up to 8 hours
● Barely there effect; goes on clear and dries clear
● Suitable for use with your favourite oil free makeup such as My Perfect Foundation, our matte velvet, flawless finish foundation
● Backed by tried, tested and true clinical results
● Doesn’t pull or stretch the skin; simply covers over it
● A non-invasive cosmetic quick fix

What Are The Main Ingredients In My Perfect Eyes?

My Perfect Eyes contains the following hero ingredients to target the major signs of under eye ageing.

Sodium Silicate creates a clear, thin veil over the skin which contracts as it dries, temporarily lifting the skin and diminishing wrinkles and compressing puffiness.

Magnesium absorbs excess facial oil, keeping skin matte and fresh looking while enhancing Sodium Silicate’s properties

Are There Any Clinical Results To Support The Results?

After just one application of My Perfect Eyes, the following results were recorded:

saw an immediate reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

reported a dramatic
reduction in the appearance of puffiness

reported no irritation

Trial conducted by Ozderm Skin Testing and Dermatology Studies, NSW, Australia Participants between ages of 39-71 years old – Study of 24 Caucasian women
*Individual results may vary*

My Perfect Eyes Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most common queries relating to the application and storage of My Perfect Eyes below to assist you further with enjoying your purchase.

My Perfect Eyes lasts up to 8 hours, or until you decide to wash it off. This under eye quick fix delivers a temporary eye lift.

Yes, My Perfect Eyes will instantly erase any fine lines and wrinkles, flattening and smoothing over the under eye area. Results will last up to 8 hours and can be washed off with warm water. My Perfect Eyes is also an excellent eye bags cream and can also be used as an eye cream for dark circles.

Yes, My Perfect Eyes has been specially formulated to work on all the major signs of skin ageing around the eyes, including dark circles. The results last for up to 8 hours and the product can be easily washed off with water at any time.

Absolutely! We recommend you use an oil-free formulation foundation if you want to use it in conjunction with My Perfect Eyes.

My Perfect Foundation has been specially designed to work with My Perfect Eyes and to glide on effortlessly to deliver a flawless and natural, oil-free, velvety matte finish.

For best results, we recommend that you allow My Perfect Eyes to completely dry first before applying your makeup. Do not use an oil based foundation on top of My Perfect Eyes as this will cause the delicate veil of product that invisibly sits on top of the skin to be dissolved which will reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Yes, you are perfectly fine to use your favourite facial moisturiser or a makeup primer on the rest of your face. Just be sure to avoid the area immediately under your eyes where My Perfect Eyes has been applied.

If you use a moisturiser directly under the eyes it will prevent My Perfect Eyes from drying and working effectively.

There are three possible reasons why My Perfect Eyes may on occasion leave a visibly white, powdery residue under the eyes.

1. The bottle has not been sufficiently shaken prior to use
The product should appear as a smooth gel. Over time and when left unused, the product may settle in the bottle and produce a gritty look and feel. If that’s the case, simply pop the lid back on, ensuring it’s tightly screwed in place, and give your bottle a vigorous shake to thoroughly mix and awaken the product.

2. Too much product has been dispensed and administered
You only require a very thin layer of My Perfect Eyes for the product to be effective. Less is more! Just a pea-sized amount is more than enough to complete both eyes. Gently sweep under each eye anywhere that you have lines, puffiness and dark circles, before then “feathering” the product down and out across the top of your cheek bone. Be sure to capture the crows feet area. If your under eyes look visibly “wet” this is a tell-tale sign that you’ve applied too much product. In which case, simply wash away with water, pat the under eye area dry, and start again.

3. The product has come into contact with another oil-based product that has been applied underneath My Perfect Eyes or directly afterwards
My Perfect Eye works by forming an invisible veil under the eye area and delivers amazing transformational results. However, it must always be applied to clean, dry skin, to achieve optimum results. If you use a moisturiser directly under the eye where you intend to apply My Perfect Eyes, it can not work effectively. Likewise, if you go on to apply any oil-based products close to or directly over the top of the product, it will simply dissolve the active ingredient and reverse your results.

To ensure the longevity of your product, we recommend you store at ambient room temperature. Extremes of heat temperature may adversely affect the product's efficacy. Always be sure to securely tighten the lid and use My Perfect Eyes within 18 months of opening.

My Perfect Eyes should be removed with warm water only. Soak two cotton pads in water, place directly over the eye area and wait for a few moments until the product has dissolved. There is no need to use makeup removers or cleansing products. Please do not rub the under eye area.

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